This museum has been continued by the Lindenberg Weather Museum (Germany). We thank Cliff for years of collecting and building the museum.

Radiosonde Museum of North America is all about radiosondes. It celebrates a little-known device that has been a cornerstone of meteorological research and weather forecasting for nearly 100 years.

We are an educational resource—every item that you see on these pages is physically present in the collection, except for those on loan to museums and researchers. If you need additional information, photographs, measurements, etc., we will be happy to provide that. We genuinely welcome your questions, comments, corrections, and criticisms. Enjoy your visit!

Cliff Lawson
Lindenberg Weather Museum

Our Mission

To collect, preserve, and archive radiosondes and related artifacts, documents, and ephemera; to educate and inform the public of the history of radiosondes, their role in meteorology, and their diverse designs; and to serve as a research collection for meteorologists, government agencies, weather historians, and students.