“The entire contents of this Museum, nine distinct collections, are for sale. The sale price includes everything you see on the website, with two minor exceptions. The price also includes the website. The Museum will be sold as a whole, not in parts. It’s time for us to move on to new adventures.

If you have USD$10,000 to invest, plus shipping, a suitable building, and a sufficient budget to create an interpretive context (signage, display cases, videos) you can have your own brick-and-mortar museum! The Radiosonde Museum of North America could put your town on the map, attracting tourist dollars and international attention. That plan has worked for museums based on hammers, bananas, mustard, umbrella covers, and more.

The Radiosonde Museum has a significant potential for expansion as well as for advertising revenue, neither of which we have exploited.” (Cliff Lawson)

Thank you Cliff, you are absolutly right, so we followed your advice 🙂

Please contact from now on:

Wettermuseum e.V.
Herzberger Str. 21
15848 Tauche OT Lindenberg
verein [at] wettermuseum.de