Darex Meteorological BalloonsDewey and Almy Chemical Company193916Product specifications, photos of radiosonde launch at MIT’s Great Dome.
Weather Manual for Pilots, TM 1-230War Department1940293 plus foldoutsGlossary gives definition for “Radio Meteorograph (Radio-Sonde).”
Die Meteorologischen MeBelemente der MarineradiosondeAus Dem Archiv Der Deutschen Seewarte Und Des Marineobservatoriums194239Photocopy. By Dr. Walter Gehlhaar. Swastika on the cover.
Instructions for Making Pilot Balloon ObservationsU.S. Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau194268
Friez RaysondeRadio Materiel School, Naval Research Laboratory, Bellevue, Maryland1943 circa12 leavesText and schematics.
Study Guide for the Course in Atmospheric SoundingsArmy Air Forces Technical Training Command1943 circa56Includes table of U.S. Radiosonde and Airplane Observation Reporting Stations.
1943 Radiosonde CodeU.S. Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau1943 Feb47Two copies.
Instructions for Friez Raysonde Diamond-Hinman SystemJulien P. Friez & Sons, Division of Bendix Aviation Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland1943 Jan80Also contains information on ground equipment including Cycloray Recorder.
Weather Station Handbook, Administration and Operation, Technical Order No. 00-25-27Air Service Command, Patterson Field, Fairfield, Ohio1943 May85Section on the qualification and training of radiosonde operators.
Maintenance Instruction for Radio Sonde Recording Set SCM-4-( ) and Radio Sonde ML-141-( ) (Balloon)War Department1943 May75Printed by Reproduction Section, Fort Monmouth Signal Laboratory.
Operating Instructions for Radiosondes AN/AMQ-1, -1A, -1C, and Radiosonde Receptor AN/FMQ-1, TM11-2404War Department1944 Dec52 plus foldout endpaper
Japanese Radio Communication Equipment, TM E11-227AWar Department1944 Dec80Photocopy.
Frequency Standard TS-65/FMQ-1, TM11-2602War Department1944 Feb17
Meteorology for Artillery, TM20-240War Department1944 Nov344
Radiosonde GuideArmy Air Forces Technical Training Command, Department of Weather, Division of Radiosonde Chanute Field, Illinois,1944 Nov49 leavesWith cardboard Temperature Scale ML-355/AMT(XO-2) and Temperature Evaluator and other inserts, and photos of AN/AMQ-1s.
Instructions for Modulated Audio Frequency Radiosonde Observations (WBAN RAOB Manual)United States Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau1945 Jan101 leavesGood introduction, index at p. 75.
Instructions for Radiosonde Transmitting Equipment Model AN/AMQ-1Friez Instrument Division, Bendix Aviation Corporation, Towson, Balitmore, Maryland1945 July24Good photos throughout.
Bendix-Friez Standard Weather InstrumentsBendix Aviation Corporation194748Three-page spread on the Raysonde with photos and specifications.
Darex Meteorological BalloonsDewey and Almy Chemical Company1947 May28Glossy pub with b&w photos.
Radiosondes AN/AMT-1 and AN/AMT-2Department of the Army1947 Oct.59 plus foldouts
Radiosonde Receptors AN/FMQ-1 and AN/FMQ-1A, TM11-2403, AFM100-55Departments of the Army and the Air Force1948 July140Three copies
Instructions Radiosonde Navy Model AN/AMT-7A, Bendix-Friez Model 275-5Bendix Aviation Corporation, Friez Instrument Division, Baltimore, Maryland1949 Nov28
RAWIN Set AN/GMC-1, TM11-271Department of the Army1950 Dec320
Manual of Radiosonde Observations (WBAN), Circular P, NAVAER 50-1R-109United States Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau1950 Jan184
Test Set TS-538/U, TM11-5014Department of the Army1950 May60To test transmitter for AN/AMT-4 Radiosonde and AN/GMD-1 RAWIN Set.
Instruction Book for Radiosonde Navy Model AN/AMT-7, Bendix-Friez Model 275-3Bendix Aviation Corporation, Friez Instrument Division, Baltimore, Maryland1950 Sept28
Radiosonde AN/AMT-3Department of the Army and the Air Force195150Text and photos explain the operation and maintenance of this early dropsonde.
M. S. C. Radiosonde Station Recorder Type II, CIR-1976 UBS-25Canada Department of Transport Meteorological Division1951 July20Instructions, photos, schematics, parts list.
Radiosonde AN/AMT-4A, TM 11-2432A/TO 16-30ANT4-5Departments of the Army and the Air Force1951 July45
Radiosonde Receptor AN/FMQ-2, TM11-2434, TO16-30FMQ2-6Departments of the Army and the Air Force1951 July140
Radiosonde AN/AMT-4ASecretaries of the Army and Air Force1951 July42 leavesComposite photocopy. Includes changes through 1957 and -4B model.
Instructions Radiosonde Navy Model AN/AMT-7A, Bendix-Friez Model 275-5Bendix Aviation Corporation, Friez Instrument Division, Baltimore, Maryland1951 Nov25
Frequency Standard TS-65-C/FMQ-1, TM11-2602B, TO16-35TS65-8Departments of the Army and the Air Force1952 April48
Radiosonde System Model No. 6170Viz Molded Insulation Company1952 circa4Describes AN/AMT-2C (Mod. 6159, 400 MHz & 6114 (1680 MHz).
Instruction Book for Radiosonde Recorder AN/TMQ-5Signal Corps Publications Agency1953 Feb136Good photo of AN/AMT-4 on p. 4.
Spare Parts List: Radiosonde Recorder AN/TMQ-5Secretary of the Air Force1954 Aug20List of spare parts and their part numbers and designators
Meteorological Balloons and Inflation and Launching Accessories, TM 11-2405, TO 31-M1-1-10 Departments of the Army and the Air Force 1957 Feb 52 Procedures for preparing and releasing ceiling, pilot, and sounding balloons. Well illustrated. Three copies.
Manual of Radiosonde Observations (WBAN)Departments of Commerce, Air Force, and Navy1957 June313/ 66Bound with 66-page addendum of revisions through 1 Jan 1967.
Manual of Radiosonde Observations Weather Bureau Addendum, Circular P NAVWEPS-50-1D-502Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau1957 May155With changes through May 1964. Photos, diagrams, technical descriptions, and operational instructions.
Soviet Meteorological RocketAcademy of Sciences of the USSR 19592Technical Description with photos and payload cutaway diagram
USSR Catalog of Aerological InstrumentsVsesojuznoje Objedinenije Mashpriborintorg1960 circa40Photographs and specifications for radiosondes A-22-III, A-22-IV, and P3-049M.
.Operator’s Manual Radiosonde Set AN/AMT-12, TM11-6660-220-10Headquarters, Department of the Army1960 Mar18
Technical Manual Radiosonde Set AN/AMQ-9Automatic Mfg. Div, General Instrument Corp.1962 April14 leavesMany photos and schematics.
Radiosonde Baseline Check Set AN/GMM-1, TM11-2440Department of the Army1962 Dec62
Speedomax Type G Model S 60,000 Series Manual, plus Parts Catalog Leeds & Northrup 1963 circa 68 & 58 With copy of hand-drawn company schematic for Model S Type G Adjustable Range Recorder for Radiosonde Equipment, by R. Kampia.
Meteorology for Army Aviation TM1-300Headquarter, Department of the Army1963 June153+ sheets
Instruction Book for Radiosonde Frequency Recorder (J105)Leeds & Northrup Company for Department of Commerce, Weather Bureau1963 or earlier89 plus foldoutsInstallation, operation, theory, maintenance, photos, charts, and schematics.
Meteorological Rocket Systems Series PWN-6A and PWN-7A, T. O. 11A11-14-7Atlantic Research Corporation (Secretary of the Air Force)1965 Feb14 leavesStorage and handling, inspection and test procedures, preparation for use.
Balloon Inflation and Launching Device ML-594/U, TM 11-6660-238-15, TO 31-M1-2U-2Departments of the Army and the Air Force 1966 Aug 52 Organizational, DS, GS, and depot maintenance manual. Nicely illustrated.
Meteorological Station, Manual AN/TMQ-4, TM11-6660-218-12Headquarters, Department of the Army1967 May52Operator’s and organizational maintenance manual for the AN/TMQ-4 meteorological station.
Operator’s Manual Radiosonde Recorders AN/TMQ-5 . . . -5A . . .-5B . . .-5C, T11-6660-204-10Headquarters, Department of the Army1969 Oct35 sheetsTitle also contains NSN numbers for the recorders.
Operator’s Manual Radiosonde Recorders AN/TMQ-5, -5A, -5B, and -5CHeadquarters, Department of the Army1969 Oct37 leavesExplains use of Computer, Humidity-Temperature CP-223C/UM.
Frequency Converter FC4-BElectronic Craftsmen, Inc.; Leeds & Northrup Co.19708 leaves plus foldout schematicTech description and parts list for the converter which, with a radio receiver and recorder, forms a radiosonde ground station.
Organizational . . . Maintenance Manual for Radiosonde Recorders AN/TMQ-5, -5A, -5B, and -5CHeadquarters, Department of the Army1970 Nov56 leaves
Radiosondes RKZ-1 and RKZ-1A, Technical Description and Manual on UsingMilitary Publishing House, Ministry of Defense, USSR197288Manual for RKZ-1 and 1A Russian radiosondes with photos, charts, diagrams, foldouts. In Russian, Cyrillic script.
Balloon Inflation and Launching Device ML-594 U, TM 11-6660-238-25PHeadquarters, Department of the Army 1972 Jan 80 Organizational, direct support, general support, and depot maintenance repair parts and special tools list.
Radiosonde Observation Computation Tables (Supplement to FMH No. 3)Department of Commerce/Department of Defense1972 July67
Meteorological Equipment Data Sheets, TM750-5-3Headquarters, Department of the Army1973 April196Summaries include all current radiosondes and related items , e.g., AN/TMQ-3 hydrogen generator.
Radiosondes AN/AMT-4D and AN/AMT-12DViz1974 circa1 leafTech specs on two closely related DoD ‘sondes.
Radiosonde Frequency Converter Model FCS-101 (National Weather Service Type J111) Electronic Craftsmen, Inc. 1975 April 16 leaves Installation, operation, and maintenance manual with fold-out schematics.
Field Artillery Meteorology FM6-15Headquarters, Department of the Army - U.S. Army1978Several hundred (chapter numbering)Chapter on rawinsonde systems (AN/AMT-4D) including component description and pre-launch, launch, and data-collecting procedures; included photographs and charts.
ADRES Observer’s ManualSED Systems LTC, Saskatoon1978 April128 approx.Interim release for Aerological Data Reduction System.
Meteorological Rocket Observations (FMH-10), Appendix 1, Rocketsonde Computer Reduction Program Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology (OFCM) 1978 July 88 Describes method used for processing rocketsonde data.
Field Artillery Meteorological Crew Member SL1/2Headquarters, Department of the Army1979 Nov673158 pages of exercises testing the knowledge of the crew member for skill levels 1 and 2.
AIRSONDE AS-Series Radiosonde/Dropsonde SpecificationsAtmospheric Instrumentation Research, Inc.1980s circa20Includes specs. and descriptions of other AIR products.
Radiosonde M60Dr. Graw Messgerate GmbH & Co.1980s circa10 leavesIncludes tech sheets/photos of Minisonde TDFS-77Q and Temperature Sondes TDS/TS-76 series.
The Radiosonde M60C. Fink (developer), Deutscher Wetterdienst1980 Sept18 leavesHistory (from 1958), technical data, and theory of operation.
Lo-Cate MicrosondeBeukers Laboratories, Inc.198119 leavesTech Spec Sheet and article by John Beukers.
Kaysam Meteorological BalloonsKaysam Corp. of America198330 leavesTechnical parameters and flight dynamics.
Instruction Manual for Automatic Rawinsonde Receiver RD-80HMeisei Electric Co. Ltd., Tokyo1983110Operation, maintenance, and inspection manual with diagrams and schematics. An awkward translation. (Two copies)
Brief Introduction to the United Kingdom Mark 3 Radiosonde System, by R. E. W. PettiferMeteorological Office, Berkshire, England1983 June5Cutaway line drawing and photos.
C-130H Hercules Meteorological Systems Aircraft for the Peoples Republic of ChinaLockheed-Georgia Company198429Describes the Meteorological Configuration of the C-130H
Activation Instructions for Radiosonde BatteryViz19891Photocopy.
Technische Beschreibung und Bedienungsanleitung fur Temperatursonde E 084 SMD Q 400 MHzGraw Radiosondes GmbH & Co.199011EO84 temperatursonde technical description and manual, in German.
CV-700ATIR Ltd.1990s early circa6Slick color-brochure and spec sheet for CV-700 ground station
Mark II Microsonde Preflight Preparation NoticeViz1992 April2
Preliminary Manual for Aero-Aqua Inc. Minisonde Receiver Model 3003Aero Aqua Inc.2000 circa (?)31 plus charts and schematicsDescribes installation and operation of the system.
SOP for Tower 8 Radiosonde Operations (LORAN)U.S. Navy2002 circa16Prelaunch, launch, data collection, processing, and distribution procedures.
Parachute SpecificationTotex Corp.2010 circa1Specs for 5710-05 parachute and spreader hoop w/elastic hanger.
GPS Radiosonde Sounding SystemBeijing San Tel Technology & Trading Corp.2017 circa2Technical specifications for the Changfeng CF-06-A radiosonde